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Unveiling the Investment Dynamics within China’s Private Sectors With Ben Harburg

Venture into the intricacies of Chinese private markets with Ben Harburg, the pioneering mind behind CoreValues Alpha and CGRO ETF. This episode peels back the layers of his hands-on approach to sifting through the vibrant sectors of technology and life sciences, unearthing opportunities amidst the ever-shifting landscape of Beijing. Ben’s candid revelations illuminate the strategic thought process ingrained in CGRO, which deftly intertwines a keen eye for overcorrections within Chinese public markets with an investment screening that upholds American values and heed national security concerns.

Delving further into the complex world of Chinese investments, we uncover the tangible edge that comes with proximity to the epicenter of decision-making in China. Here, market intelligence is currency, and Ben explains how his direct presence facilitates swift and informed investment moves. Active management emerges as the heartbeat of success in this diverse economic environment, and we dissect the multifaceted implications of launching an ETF in America, juxtaposing the strategic timing with the intricate dance of navigating the Chinese investment terrain.

Wrapping up, we juxtapose the world of finance with the passionate pursuit of sports team ownership, drawing parallels that resonate with investors and fans alike. It’s this blend of business acumen and emotional investment that shapes our conversation, celebrating Ben’s recent ETF launch and the meticulous strategy that fuels his asset management philosophy. Join us to gain unique insights and discover how the worlds of finance and fandom can intersect in the most enthralling of ways.

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Chapter Markers:
9:32 Investing in China
15:42 Challenges and Opportunities in ETF Investing
23:52 Owning a Team, Investing in Company

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For more information on CGRO including risks and a prospectus, please visit https://www.cvafunds.com/cgro/.

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