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Mastering Risk Parity with Alex Shahidi

ETF Think Tank’s Head of Research Cinthia Murphy hosts a series about innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship in the ETF industry told first-hand by those who are leading the effort: ETF providers.

The ETF industry has been in the business of disrupting and improving investor outcomes for 30 years. ETF issuers sit on the frontline of this innovation. Here they share the choices, the pivotal moments, the lessons and the battle scars that make up their journey into an industry that has democratized and revolutionized market access for investors everywhere.

Our guest this week is Alex Shahidi, co-CEO and managing partner at Evoke Advisors.
In this episode, Alex tells us about the power of true diversification and risk management, and how ETFs are a tool for that:

  • Advisors get a lot of heat for a sales culture, which isn’t always best for the client, but sales skills are key for growth, especially given market randomness.
  • The ETF wrapper is the most tax efficient way to achieve broad diversification at a low cost. It delivers ‘structural alpha’ like no other vehicle.
  • ETFs remain underused as a total portfolio solution across advisory space because what’s ideal on paper may not be optimal in practice. Advisors need to optimize for real life.

Read the full transcript below:

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Connect with Alex Shahidi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaypest1
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