Options Trading and ETFs with Jay Pestrichelli // Wavemakers Episode 3

ETF Think Tank’s Head of Research Cinthia Murphy hosts a series about innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship in the ETF industry told first-hand by those who are leading the effort: ETF providers.

The ETF industry has been in the business of disrupting and improving investor outcomes for 30 years. ETF issuers sit on the frontline of this innovation. Here they share the choices, the pivotal moments, the lessons and the battle scars that make up their journey into an industry that has democratized and revolutionized market access for investors everywhere.

Our guest this week is Jay Pestrichelli, co-founder and CEO of Zega Financial.
In this episode, Jay tells us that ETFs have made delivering value easier to a broader audience:

· Advisors are in the business of transacting in trust, which requires ‘old world’ discipline and a focus on relationship building and client service.
· The ETF wrapper has allowed Zega to democratize access to its unique expertise in options trading, as well as scale and streamline its business, but differentiation is key.
· The era of single stock options-based ETFs is just starting with much more product development and advisor adoption to come.

Find the full transcript below:

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