Wavemakers: Exploring the Brave New World of Disruptive ETFs — Insights and Strategies with Christian Cooper 

The ETF industry has been in the business of disrupting and improving investor outcomes for 30 years. ETF issuers sit on the frontline of this innovation. Here they share the choices, the pivotal moments, the lessons and the battle scars that make up their journey into an industry that has democratized and revolutionized market access for investors everywhere.  

Our guest this week is Christian Cooper, Portfolio Manager at Subversive ETFs.   

In this episode, Christian tells us that a problem-solving mindset is key to building product:  

  • In thematic ETFs centered on solving a problem, consider owning the entire vertical of that theme.  
  • Not all great stories make for great trades. That’s the real challenge of building thematic ETFs.   
  • It’s easy to underestimate the amount of operational work that goes into running an ETF.    

Read the full transcript below:

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