Wavemakers: Aligning Investing to Values with Adam Curran

ETF Think Tank’s Head of Research Cinthia Murphy hosts a series about innovation, disruption and entrepreneurship in the ETF industry told first-hand by those who are leading the effort: ETF providers.

Our guest this week is Adam Curran, Founder of Curran Financial Partners.

In this episode, Adam tells us an ETF was the right answer to a fiduciary calling:

  • Investing sophistication isn’t only for ultra-high net worth investors. ETFs are a great equalizer of access.
  • -Launching an ETF is a lot of work, but if you have conviction – in this case, in a values-based approach – then it’s worth the effort. There’s a niche for it.
  • -When it comes to retirement planning, it turns out you may be better positioned than you think – most people are.

    Read more and see the full transcript below:

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