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The Tidal Financial Group (Tidal) expanded rapidly over the last decade and encompassed multiple ETF related brands including Toroso Investments, Tidal ETF Services, and the ETF Think Tank. Going forward all activity will be unified under the Tidal brand as we become one company, dream, family, and platform focused on holistic ETF customer solutions.

Strategic Insights for the Agile Investor With Sam Stovall

Get ready to uncover the historical patterns that could give you an edge in navigating market trends and investment strategies, and learn why last year’s roller coaster might just be setting us up for a prosperous ride with Sam Stovall of CFRA Research.

As we venture into the intricate dance of financials and technology, our conversation shines a spotlight on industry giants like American Express and NVIDIA, whose moves can set the rhythm for the entire market. Discover the transformative potential of AI and blockchain, and the currency that’s sparking debate in every financial circle: Bitcoin. This episode is not just about the big names; it’s a tour through the valuation labyrinth and a clarion call to prioritize due diligence over the fear of missing out.

Fasten your seatbelt for a strategic cruise through the stock market’s changing tides. We dissect the metamorphosis of industry giants within the S&P 500 and speculate on the future of sectors that power our economy, from energy to healthcare. Plus, we’re casting a light on the fiscal shadows of the U.S. deficit and debt, and sharing historical market trends that might just have you voting for the right portfolio ahead of the next election. Join us for a session where we arm you with the market insights and strategies you need to steer your investments into prosperity.

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Chapter Markers:

16:49 Financials, Technology, and Industry Trends
25:59 Stock Market Sector Analysis and Strategy
39:22 Investment Strategies and Market Insights

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