ETF Industry KPI – 2/07/2022

Week of January 31, 2022 KPI Summary
  • This week, the industry experienced 7 ETF launches and zero closures, shifting the 1-year Open-to-Close ratio to 5.12 and total US ETFs to 2,842.
  • This past week was a positive one for the ETF industry with an increase of 1.57% in assets.
    • Of our 11 asset classes, the only two with a negative return were Fixed Income (-0.71%) and Preferred Stock (-1.15%). The three top performers were Geared/Swaps (5.39%), Commodities Derivative (5.36%), and Volatility (4.72%).
    • While there are the same number of ETFs in the space (81) according to our Security Master, Commodities Derivative has clearly been the best performer with 17.64% performance since 12/31/21. The other three asset classes that have positive YTD performance are Options (3.60%), Managed Futures (3.12%), and Commodities Physical (1.56%).
  • The Open-to-close ratio is still hovering above 5, revenue from Active ETFs continues to increase, and the number of issuers grows nearly every week.
  • Both indexes experienced similar positive growth last week. The Toroso ETF Industry Index was up 4.14% while the S&P Financial Select Sector Index trailed at 3.57%.
ETF Launches

iM RBA Responsible Global Allocation ETF (ticker: IRBA)
Morgan Creek-Exos Active SPAC Arbitrage ETF (ticker: CSH)
PSYK ETF (ticker: PSYK)
Amplify Inflation Fighter ETF (ticker: IWIN)
Grayscale Future of Finance ETF (ticker: GFOF)
Engine No. 1 Transform Climate ETF (ticker: NETZ)
Harbor Long-Term Growers ETF (ticker: WINN)

ETF Closures


Fund/Ticker Change


TETF.Index Performance vs. S&P Financial Select Sector Index
(as of February 4, 2022)


TETF.Index Performance vs. Other Leading Financial Indices
(March 31, 2017 through February 4, 2022)

Source: Morningstar Direct

Why Follow the ETF Industry KPIs

The team at Toroso Investments began tracking the ETF Industry Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in the early 2000’s and have been consistently reporting on, and analyzing these metrics ever since. The table above was the impetus for the creation of the TETF.Index, the index that tracks the ETF industry. Each week, we will share the statistics we believe to be the most useful for identifying industry trends, in addition to the performance of the TEFT.Index.


Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. This article is for informational and educational purposes only; is not intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting or investment advice; and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security or service. Furthermore, the Indexes shown above are not investable. While Toroso has gathered the information presented from sources that it believes to be reliable, Toroso cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information presented and the information presented should not be relied upon as such. Any opinions expressed are Toroso’s opinions and do not reflect the opinions of any affiliates or related persons. All opinions are current only as of the date of initial publication and are subject to change without notice. All investment strategies and investments involve risk of loss, including the possible loss of all amounts invested.

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