Nic Carter on The Blockchain Interviews with Dan Weiskopf

Nic Carter joins Dan Weiskopf to discuss crypto mining, energy usage and its impact on carbon emissions on a global scale. Download Nic Carter’s paper titled Bitcoin Net Zero that he co-authored with Ross Stevens.

0:00 Start
1:44 Nic Carter’s background and the launch of Castle Island Ventures.
4:20 Venturing beyond Bitcoin.
6:20 The difference between DeFi and Blockchain.
8:07 The premise of the paper Bitcoin Net Zero.
13:20 Nigeria’s Bitcoin dynamics.
15:53 The benefits of the financialization of Bitcoin.
18:21 Nic Carter on the energy consumption of Bitcoin.
20:58 Why Nic Carter wrote the Bitcoin Net Zero paper.
23:39 Bitcoin Miners and energy consumption.
26:33 Bitcoin adoption by country with Nic Carter.
29:21 The Socioeconomic Dynamics of Bitcoin.
30:22 The energy consumption of Bitcoin.
34:39 Carbon emissions from electricity consumed in Bitcoin mining.
36:57 Steel vs Bitcoin carbon emissions.
39:07 The decaying emissions schedule of Bitcoin.
44:08 The future trajectory of Bitcoin energy consumption.

“If you look at where Bitcoin adoption is occurring it is in these states that are highly inflationary.” – Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures

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