Special Edition—2020 ETF.com Awards & Crypto Think Tank, Episode 211

Guillermo Trias, CEO of Toroso Investments and Jim Wiandt CEO of Spark Network join us to recap the 2020 ETF.com Awards. Plus, a panel of experts—a “crypto think tank”—discuss how they navigate the crypto investment space.

Podcast hosted by: Guillermo Trias and Jim Wiandt

LIVE Show hosted by: Michael Mike Venuto with Dave Abner, Matt Hogan and Greg King
Courtesy: Spark Network

Time Stamps
00:00 Introductory Comments
01:45 Recap of the 2020 ETF.com Awards
21:48 The Crypto Think Tank Panel
51:26 Closing Comments

Active Diversification

Active Diversification

A few weeks ago, we introduced the ETF Management Matrix in partnership with ETF

ETF Industry KPI – 5/17/2021

ETF Industry KPI – 5/17/2021

Week of May 10, 2021 KPI Summary This week, the industry experienced 7 ETF

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