Insights Into the Future of Energy Markets with Dr. Ellen Wald

Experience a deep dive into the world of energy and finance with Dr. Ellen Wald, energy expert and author of “Saudi Inc.” Our conversation ventures into the evolving landscape of ESG investing, dissecting the true impact of these criteria on legacy energy companies and questioning the effectiveness of the current ESG model. We shed light on the balance between market performance and sustainable practices, stirring a dialogue on whether we’re witnessing a genuine shift in the industry or merely a rebranding.

Navigating the treacherous waters of ethical investing and regulation, we examine the role of larger corporations in shaping policy to their advantage, particularly in the context of methane emissions in the oil industry. Dr. Wald provides thought-provoking insights into how intricate regulations and market strategies may inadvertently favor incumbents over smaller competitors, sparking a broader discussion on the future of energy transition and the complexities surrounding it. Our exploration is not just theoretical; it’s grounded in real-world examples that emphasize the multifaceted challenges and potential pathways ahead.

Wrapping up with a focus on “Saudi Inc.,” Dr. Wald connects the dots between the oil industry’s past and its undeniable influence on global markets today. Our insightful dialogue brings to light how the decisions made by key players like Saudi Arabia ripple through our own industries, highlighting the entwined relationship between energy and finance. Join us for this eye-opening episode that promises to enrich your understanding of these critical, interconnected sectors shaping our world.

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Chapter Markers:

12:32 Driving the ESG Conversation
18:05 Impact Investing and ESG Trends
25:55 Challenges of Energy Transition
30:40 Renewable Energy and Regulation Challenges
35:10 Regulations, ESG, and Market Strategies
50:55 Industry Insights From Saudi Inc

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