Michael Howell’s Expert Journey through the Twists and Turns of Global Financial Markets

Join us on an enlightening journey as we navigate the intricate landscape of capital flows and fixed income investments with our esteemed guest, Michael Howell, CEO of Cross Border Capital. Ever wondered about the dynamics soaring behind the recent bond returns surge or the pressures buffeting the bond markets? Well, you’re in for a treat as Michael demystifies these concepts and delves into the critical role of credit rating agencies, shedding light on China’s recent downgrade.

The discourse doesn’t end there. We’ll set sail into the tumultuous sea of US-China relations and the role central banks play in steering the ship of global liquidity. Michael, with his seasoned expertise, will guide us through the implications of President Xi’s recent visit to the US and the aggressive easing of monetary policy by the PBOC. Our focus then shifts to the US economy, where we’ll scrutinize the Fed’s role in liquidity provision, the looming shadow of regional bank failures, and the potential aftershocks of Japan’s inflation problem.

And just when you think we’ve landed, we soar again, this time exploring the US technology ban and its potential ripple effects on Chinese markets and gold prices. Ever wondered about the possibility of the Federal Reserve resuming the purchase of US government debt? Well, Michael’s got you covered there too. And to wrap up this enlightening discourse, he shares his bullish outlook on the markets and the importance of seizing opportunities when economists are bearish. So strap in, because this episode is a whirlwind of invaluable insights into the current state and potential future of the global economy.

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Chapter Markers:

00:02 China’s Credit Rating and Bond Market
9:24 US-China Relations and Central Bank Influence
15:40 US Liquidity and Japan’s Inflation Problem
27:54 Gold, Bitcoin, and the US Dollar
44:10 China’s Economy and Energy Supply
50:09 Positive Outlook on Markets and Wrap-Up

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