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The Tidal Financial Group (Tidal) expanded rapidly over the last decade and encompassed multiple ETF related brands including Toroso Investments, Tidal ETF Services, and the ETF Think Tank. Going forward all activity will be unified under the Tidal brand as we become one company, dream, family, and platform focused on holistic ETF customer solutions.

Bottom Line: High Active Share = ETF Difference & Targeted Value

We had 2 Due Diligence Calls with Distillate Capital ($DSTL) yesterday  http://distillatecapital.com/

The key to this strategy, as is the case for most of the strategies in the Tank is that they differentiate themselves both with their investment process, but also in terms of past alpha (backtests are included in our due diligence). It is true that no one has ever seen a bad back test, but I would argue that these past 10 years are equally less of an indication of the future market returns so I work with what data I have and drill deep in my analysis.

In the below  analysis, while the process defines itself as a value strategy what is equally  important to me is that the overlap of this fund is low versus other ETFs strategies.  Owning something different may change correlation analysis, but logic and reason should conclude that a  differentiated outcome can add value to a client’s experience.

In the Tank, our due diligence calls focus on Alpha, Risk and security selection. Thank you Ron and Jim for your time and interest in the Tank. Your questions and insights made me smarter and add value to my personal research. Your dedication to your clients is admirable and it is no wonder that both your firms are having success both in terms of growing your assets and performance.

Best to All on Today’s market Battle,

Dan, “The ETF Professor”

Tackling Themes

Tackling Themes

Last week, we dissected sectors, and this week tackle themes

RISK Management: Surprise? Hedging helped this past year.

RISK Management: Surprise? Hedging helped this past year.

As winter thaws in May, Santa Clause may be leaving his sled on the

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